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Pylon and Building Lettering

Coordinated Pylon & Building Lettering

Sign Solutions just recently fabricated and installed a 35 foot tall pylon. By making a 10 feet tall by 16 feet wide illuminated sign cabinet, our client is able to stand above all of the commercial traffic to grab the attention of potential clients at a very busy intersection a block away.  

Custom cabinets & pole covers!

Utilizing our in-house thermoformer, we're able to create custom embossed and debossed sign faces as well as eye catching pole covers to give you pylon that something extra.

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Loading the Cabinet

This time lapse video shows the scale of the top sign cabinet of this pylon.  

Image Matters


Are you looking to improve your business or community appearance?  We can help!

  • Signage should complement the style of the buildings, homes, and landscape.  That's where we excel!

  • Design-wise, we can come up with the solution that best fits your architecture and budget. 
    Safety-wise, we ensure that all regulatory signage meets or exceeds the standards mandated by the federal, state and local codes.

Whether it is a new or existing business or community, Sign Solutions can assist in designing custom signage to match your look.