Formed Plastic Pole Covers

Custom formed plastic pole covers

All that meets the eye!

Steel supports are necessary in every pylon sign.  Seeing the supports is not.  The addition of pole covers can change the entire look of your sign from one of utilitarian necessity to an aesthetic landmark.  

Superior Durability

Custom made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), our pole covers can endure the harshest environments.  The through body color means that this product will never discolor.

The Process

First, we utilize our 3D router to make the custom wood molds on which our pole covers will form.  Next, we heat the plastic until it's in a semi-rigid or pliable state.  We then lower the pliable sheet down over the molds until a solid seal has been formed around the entire panel.  By drawing a vacuum down under the sheet, the plastic forms tightly against the molds.  Once they cool to a stable temperature, we lift the sheet allowing the forms to drop back onto the former.  Using various tools, we cutout and finish the edges of the pole covers.  Simple.